Frequently Asked Questions


#1 Where is RSM?

1480 N 200 W in Logan

Just North of the Deseret Industries


South of the Trampoline Park




#2 Does RSM sell kitchen equipment such as ranges, stoves, ovens, mixers, etc?

Nope. We only sell foods and a small selection of basic kitchen utensils: ladels, serving spoons, tongs, spatulas, rubber scrapers, whisks, ice scoops, and peelers. We have stock pots as well.



#3 How many people will a bag of

frozen soup serve?

Twelve to fourteen. Chilies serves eight to ten.





#4 Does RSM have a return policy?

Yes. Unopened or undamaged items may be returned within 30 calendar days of the purchase date, but you must have your itemized receipt.

Absolutely NO returns on refridgerated nor frozen items as required by State of Utah law.